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amos professional

  • Colorgenic Mild

    Colorgenic Mild
  • Colorgenic Green Natural

    Colorgenic Green Natural
  • Colorgenic True Sync S

    Colorgenic True Sync S

Colorgenic True Sync S

Volume : 1st agent: 80 g / 2nd agent: 1000 ml
Main Ingredients : D-panthenol, arginine, and glycine
AMOS PROFESSIONAL products are for professional hair designer, So, AMOS encourages to buy products through hair salon.

healthy hair / damaged hair / dyed hair

· True Sync™ color with 360° real reflection light that realizes true colors
· Introduces six innovative technologies that maximize the convenience of hair color specialists
· Mild hair dye agent with PPD-free description

Color Chart

Color Chart

Patch test -> customer consulting and hair diagnosis -> color selection-> mixture ratio LV. 1–11 1st agent:2nd agent = 1:1.5 LV.12 or more 1st agent:2nd agent = 1:2 -> application technique, leaving at room temp. 30 min. (40 min. for covering gray hair) -> rinse off, finishing