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amos professional

  • 双重造型烫发乳

  • 润泽护理烫发乳-柔性(乳状2剂)

  • 润泽护理烫发乳-强性(乳状2剂)

  • 光亮滋润均衡护发水 PB

    光亮滋润均衡护发水 PB
  • 光亮滋润隔热护理霜 PR

    光亮滋润隔热护理霜 PR
  • 光亮滋润烫 H

    光亮滋润烫 H
  • 光亮滋润烫 EX

    光亮滋润烫 EX
  • 光亮滋润烫 N

    光亮滋润烫 N
  • 光亮滋润调理营养霜 PC

    光亮滋润调理营养霜 PC

Luminator N

A product that makes your hair shiny and soft using lumi-network technology.

Volume : 1st agent: 400 ml / 2nd agent: 500 ml
Main Ingredients : Shiny hair using lumi-network technology
AMOS PROFESSIONAL products are for professional hair designer, So, AMOS encourages to buy products through hair salon.

损伤头发 / 染头发

· Adds shine to the hair
· Makes hair resilient
· Leaves hair healthy and moisturized with natural moisturizing ingredients

> 1st agent leaving at room temp.
- leaving at room temp. for 15–30 min.
> 2nd agent leaving at room temp.
- application for once, leaving at room temp. for 10 min.